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Welcome to Multan Multan is actually at the center of Pakistan, and an outstanding between the most satisfied urban communities in Asia. This critical city is located at the banks of the river Chenab. It is the 5th most significant city of Pakistan relating to population. Additionally, it is the presidency of Multan district and […]

Ancient Names of Multan

Ancient Names of Multan The oldest name of the city “Mulasthan” hails from the Sanskrit language. Interestingly, the specific age of this city remains a matter for lively debate: with various claims being made but a summary definitely not sight. Multan called by different names in each decade. Here are some names discussed below 1 […]

Multan History

Multan History Multan is one of the oldest civilizations city of the world. The civilizations of Nile, Darjeel, Euphrates and River Indus were the civilizations of the rivers. Multan city and its adjacent area are included in the areas of the wide valley of the river Indus. The largest city of South Punjab is the […]