Multan History

Multan History | History Of Multan

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Multan History

Multan is one of the oldest civilizations city of the world. The civilizations of Nile, Darjeel, Euphrates and River Indus were the civilizations of the rivers. Multan city and its adjacent area are included in the areas of the wide valley of the river Indus. The largest city of South Punjab is the third of Punjab and Pakistan’s fifth largest city. Multan Info

Multan History

Multan is said to be “Most seasoned Living City in the World”. History of Multan date backs to 5000BC. Multan has an understanding of the sister city of Rome, Italy. Multan fancifully goes back to Noah’s time when it is said that his child came and settled here. Multan city began a huge number of years back and is connected with the non – Aryan human advancement thriving in Sindh Valley 5000BC, previously and amid Mohenjodaro and Harrapan Indus Valley civic establishments between 2000-2500 BC.


The oldest name of the city “Mulasthan” hails from the Sanskrit language. Interestingly, the specific age of this city remains a matter for lively debate: with various claims being made but a summary definitely not sight.

Having kept so many secrets of history in its bosom, Multan is located on a historically and internationally important route which, throughout history, was considered to be a safe link between South and Central Asia. It had been this very strategic aspect that brought conquerors, refugees, traders, holy men and robbers alike to the city. Multan in Punjab province of Pakistan is one of the oldest places in South Asia, although it’s specific era has still to get decided. This is viewed lots of warfare due to the area on a central intrusion path among South and Central Asia. It’s traditional for their Sufi shrines.

Maisan was the first name of  Multan. The book of Tajjuddin was written in Punjab in 1868, which is recorded in the time of Noah’s death at Multan. The famous historian Alberto writes on his page “Malhind“‘s page 155” During Multan, in the Gauri century, Multani tells him about Two hundred and sixty-four thousand thirty years old during my Multan. The history of its existence recognizes that 10 thousand years ago when the Aryan reached Sindh valley. They settled in Multan. Vigil Vijay is the oldest book in the book of Buddhist book of Hindu, sitting in the rivers of Multan, written in many centuries. Click here to know more about ancient names of Multan.  Multan Ancient Names

Multan Rulers

Multan has viewed numerous rivalry due to its location over the main intrusion path among South and Central Asia.

  1. Alexander the Great caught Multan and built up it as a Satrap between 320-325 BC.
  2. The Kushan clans controlled this area from 30 BC for more than 400 years till 470 AD
  3. Chach, a Hindu Braham who stayed in power till 671 A.D
  4. Muhammad Bin Qasim walked towards Multan in the eighth century and the city went under the immediate control of Caliphate of Baghdad
  5. Sultan Mahmud of Ghazni attacked Multan in 1005
  6. Between 1206-1227AD and 1437– 1527AD Multan kept on being a different kingdom under Nasiruddin Qabacha and the Langar’s. A few of Multan’s tombs and hallowed places developed amid this period are extraordinary instances of pre-Mughal Muslim Architecture.
  7. The English caught the city in 1849 A.D called Siege of Multan.


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