Welcome to Multan

Multan is actually at the center of Pakistan, and an outstanding between the most satisfied urban communities in Asia. This critical city is located at the banks of the river Chenab. It is the 5th most significant city of Pakistan relating to population. Additionally, it is the presidency of Multan district and as well, Tehsil Multan. In other Tehsils, Tehsil President, Tehsil Shujaabad and Tehsil Jalal Pur are included. It’s renowned for its mosques and places of worship just as its cotton yields and natural product – particularly mangoes.



The city of Saints Dust and Beggars as it is presented in a well-known axiom. This might be valid in the past days; however, it indeed is the other city nowadays. Multan is the first Southern city of Punjab territory; It has dependably appreciated an incredible significance in history. Somehow its kin has pulled in the Sufi holy people so much that it turned into the dwelling place Sufism in Southeast Asia. Multan is known to be the most established living city in south-east Asia. Today Multan is a mix of old and the new Pakistan culture. There is a significant hustle clamor in the Old town and solace of a five-star lodging and sound roads in the New City. The Old (Purana Shehar) city has a fascinating Bazaar and numerous intricately embellished Shrines of the Sufi holy people.


Top Things To See And Do

Take a look at the Institute of Blue Pottery. Visit an area of the city’s altars. You will discover many of these tremendous amounts of in Multan that it’s incomprehensive you’ll acquire around to all of these, yet make an attempt to visit the Shah Rukn-e-Alam place of love, which includes one of the highest vaults in Asia, as well as Shams-e-Tabriz sanctuary that’s Take pleasure in an exceptional point of view within the city through the staying regions of Multan stronghold. Multan is an ancient city and has now shielded their buildings. It’s a wealthy city swarmed with bazaars, holy places and as well, tombs. Get a match at the city’s Cricket Stadium. Is considered known as among the most sustainable outfields in the country.

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