Gates Of Multan

Multan Historic Gates

Multan is home to many of Sufi’s shrines and historical places. The gates of Multan are also among those historical architectures. At present, there are only three gates from Multan city’s historic gates. The rest of the doors have been over, but today the doors of the city are still alive in the life of the city. At present, Haram Gate, Bohar Gate and Delhi Gate in Multan city. They are present with their historical doubts, while Doulat Gate, Lohari Gate and Pak Gates are not more existed in this historic city.

These doors have a lot of role in the cultural and cultural life of the city, the doors of the big rulers and the invaders, are still available on the cross-border crossing of the centuries, namely the names of the six entrances of the inner city in Multan city’s history.

Haram Gate

Haram Gate Multan

Haram Gate is situated on Akbar Road. This entryway is called Haram Gate in light of the fact that numerous individuals state it has a Haram of the Saint Musa Pak Shaheed. There are absolute six entryways in Multan Pakistan and four in the fortification of Multan, Haram Gate is additionally one of the most seasoned doors present in the best possible structure.

Address: Located on Akbar Road close Masjid Hafiz, Luqman Wali, Haram Gate Multan Pakistan.

Bohar Gate

Bohar Gate Multan

This Gate looked towards the River Ravi. When Multan was a bustling waterway port. This Gate is the fundamental passageway for the sustenance supply and correspondence. The entryway called Bohar in light of the fact that outside this door there are too much “Bohar” trees.

Address: Located  on Alang Bohar Gate Inner City Multan

Dehli Gate

Delhi Gate

This Gate is named “Dehli” as this appearance towards the Dehli-India and this street leads towards Dehli. Amid the Mughal Period, at whatever point the Kings or State Guests visits Multan they entered through this door. It was made in the Mughal Period for the ruler and their state visitor at whatever point they come to Multan they go through this entryway. Presently Dehli Gate has a market and slows down.

Address: Located on Hafiz Jamal Road close Tomb of Shah Dana, Multan Pakistan.

Doulat Gate

Doulat Gate

This City Gate vanishes in the early days. Only the name is alive and where it was to be. It is suspected that the Gate called “Doulat Gate”, on account of the Mazar of “Pir Doulat Shah” which is on the facade of the Gate.

Address: Located on Hafiz Jamal Road close Tomb of Shah Dana, Multan Pakistan.


Lohari Gate

Lohari Gate Multan

This entryway is named in view of the goldsmiths, in neighbourhood language called Lohari, living and working outside the region of Lohari Gate.

Pak Gate

Pak Gate Multan

This entryway is named Pak Gate not on the grounds that being in Pakistan, but since of the Sufi Saint Hazrat Musa Pak Shaheed. When he passed on he was first covered in Uch Shareef close to his Father Syed Hamid Gunj Buksh. At that point when his child saw his Grand Father in Dream Instructing him to get Musa out from his foot side, at that point he was covered again at “Moza Mungay Hatti”. Following 15 years his child has another fantasy who lived in Multan to give Musa back to Multan. In this way, they convey him to Multan. The Gate used to bring his body through around then is still called Pak Gate. 300 feet inside Pak Gate you will discover the Mazar of Hazart Musa Pak Shaheed.


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