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Climate Of Multan | Multan Weather |

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Climate Of Multan | Multan Weather

Multan is also called “The City Of Heat” Multan is situated in the southern piece of Punjab, a territory in Pakistan. Multan highlights a bone-dry atmosphere with exceptionally sweltering summers and cold winters. The city observes probably the most outrageous temperatures in the country. Dust storms are a typical event inside the city.

multan climate
Multan weather Multan climate

Multan Seasons

Multan has four seasons: Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring. The monsoon season also occurs in Summer.

  • Winter: The winter season begins from the month of December and lasts till February.
  • Spring: The spring season begins from March and lasts till April.
  • Summer: The summer season begins from May and lasts till September. Summer is the longest season of Multan. Monsoon rains also occur in this season, these rains begin from June till September.
  • Autumn: This season begins in October and ends in November. Hazy and dry weather is the main factor in Autumn.

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