Historical Names Of Multan

Ancient Names of Multan

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Ancient Names of Multan | History Of Multan Names

The oldest name of the city “Mulasthan” hails from the Sanskrit language. Interestingly, the specific age of this city remains a matter for lively debate: with various claims being made but a summary definitely not sight.

Historical Names Of Multan
History of Multan names
Ancient Names Of Multan

Multan called by different names in each decade. Here are some names discussed below

1 Maisan (میسان)

Maisan was the first name of  Multan.

2 Kashap Pur (کشپ پور)

According to Dehumanala of the Hindus, a boy from Burma settled here, and he suggested the name as Kashpap pur.

3 Parhalad Pura (پرہلاد پورہ)

The younger boy of the kashap was convinced of the existence of God, and due to this clever belief, kashap Pura named  Parhalad Pura.

4 Sanab Pura (سنب پورہ)

The father-in-law of the Parhalad grandfather named Sanab Pura, and revered the sun’s worship again and promoted him a lot. A beautiful idol made for the memorial and worship of the sun god, which was placed in the temple named Aditiya Santhan.

5 Hans Pur and Baagh Pur (ہنس پور اور بھاگ پور)

These two names also meet Multan in Old Sanskrit books.

6 Mulasthan (مول استھان)

After the release of the temple of Aditya Deva, his name was Mulasthan. In Sanskrit, the meaning of Mulaa is from the origin and the meaning of the sthan is of place. The original place of the temple of Aditya Deva.

7 Malisthan (مالی استھان)

At the time of the attack of Sikandar, a branch of Hindus in Multan was living, he changed the meanings to keep their historical position.

8 Moltaan (مولتان)

According to a tradition, Aditiya found a name from the gods of  Aditiya.

9 Multan (ملتانِ)

To make Moltaan more easy and less weight, an intellectual created only Multan by removing some characters. Could not find any final date when it happened. However, the Ottoman Empire used Moltaan by 1897.


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