Saraiki Language and Culture The Saraiki citizens, as well as Multani citizens, are living in south Punjab of Pakistan. Mostly Saraiki peoples are living in Multan, Bahawalpur, Muzaffargarh, DG Khan and many other cities of South Punjab and also of Sindh. The small group of Saraikis is also residing in […]

Street Food Festival is coming to Multan! The most happening occasion of Pakistan is going to arrive in Multan calling all the Sultan’s, 13th and 14th of April 2019! Full Music and Party! 2 days Concert 500+ Food Options Lots of activity and games Play area Amanat Ali Annie Khalid […]

Multan Historic Gates Multan is home to many of Sufi’s shrines and historical places. The gates of Multan are also among those historical architectures. At present, there are only three gates from Multan city’s historic gates. The rest of the doors have been over, but today the doors of the […]

Welcome to Multan Multan is actually at the center of Pakistan, and an outstanding between the most satisfied urban communities in Asia. This critical city is located at the banks of the river Chenab. It is the 5th most significant city of Pakistan relating to population. Additionally, it is the […]

Climate Of Multan Multan is also called “The City Of Heat” Multan is situated in the southern piece of Punjab, territory in Pakistan. Multan highlights a bone-dry atmosphere with exceptionally sweltering summers and cold winters. The city observes probably the most outrageous temperatures in the country. Dust storms are a […]

Ancient Names of Multan The oldest name of the city “Mulasthan” hails from the Sanskrit language. Interestingly, the specific age of this city remains a matter for lively debate: with various claims being made but a summary definitely not sight. Multan called by different names in each decade. Here are […]